January 09, 2014

How to cook Tapioca/Kappa/Maracheeni?

Tapioca is always a fav of ours...I am sure most of the mallu's like this...so iany dish made of this is a kind of easy and tasty snack/dinner for us... But I know, the cleaning process has always been a problem for me!! Here is how we go!! :-

  • Tapioca-1 Kg (cut to medium sized pieces, roughly)
  • Turmeric-1/4 tsp
  • Water to boil
  • Salt to taste
 Method Of Preparation:
  • Cut the tapioca and wash with turmeric powder.
  • In a pressure cooker/vessel add the tapioca, turmeric and the water (water should stay above tapioca).
  • Cook on high flame till tapioca becomes tender.
  • Drain the water in the tapioca (it’s not good to use)
  • Fill in the vessel with water again and allow the Tapioca to boil for 1 Mts.
  • Cooked Tapioca is ready!!

·         The cooking time depends on type of tapioca too...

·         Turmeric gives it a yellow color...if you don’t want it while washing tapioca, add turmeric and soak tapioca for 10 min. then wash it again with clear water and cook it without turmeric.

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