October 22, 2012

Kalakk Dosa

This is a masterpiece of my in Law's family... My hubby makes this dosa superblyyy!!!


Wheat Flour:1 cup
Rice Flour:1 cup
All purpose Flour(Maida):1 cup
Curd:1/2 cup (Add according to one's taste)
Chopped/Crushed Green Chillies:To Taste
Salt:To Taste
Cumin Seeds:3/4 spn
Chopped Coriander Leaves:2 spns
Carrot:1 no(peeled n grated)
Onion:1(finely chopped)


1.Mix all the above ingredients with water into thin buttermilk consistency and leave it aside for 15 mins and now the dosa mix is ready to use.
2.Heat a tawa on flame,add oil,spread the oil all over the tawa ,sprinkle little onion all over and pour the dosa mix,do the same as you do it with Ravva dosa.Pour the dosa on the tawa making an outer circle and now fill in the middle,this gives crispy dosa.I use a glass to pour the dosa mix with which I feel comfortable making these dosa.
3.Add oil on the edges of dosa and few drops all over,let it sit for 2 mins and by now the dosa will be leaving the edges,flip the dosa to other side and cook for another minute,now dosa is ready.
Serve it hot with any chutney or Pickle.

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